A Message of Thanks from Fr Fabius

Wednesday, 21st August

Dear Fr. Martin and parishioners,

Thank you so much for your generous contributions to Pere Achte Primary School. I am so grateful to God that He created you for a purpose: to love God and your fellow human beings.  The story of the “Good Samaritan” we read in the Bible is not always understood even by us who struggle to expound God’s Word.  I’ve heard from Marissa who communicated to me with lots of surprising excitement and joy.

There are a couple of reflections I wanted to share with you from Henri Nouwen that I find meaningful in this context of your generosity. 

Reaching Out

When we have found our own uniqueness in the love of God and have been able to affirm that indeed we are lovable since it is God’s love that dwells in us, then we can reach out to others in whom we discover a new and unique manifestation of the same love and enter into an intimate communion with them.

Poverty is a Quality of the Heart

Poverty is the quality of the heart that makes us relate to life, not as a property to be defended but as a gift to be shared. Poverty is the constant willingness to say good-bye to yesterday and move forward to new, unknown experiences. Poverty is the inner understanding that the hours, days, weeks, and years do not belong to us but are the gentle reminders of our call to give, not only love and work, but life itself, to those who follow us and will take our place. He or she who cares is invited to be poor, to strip himself or herself from the illusions of ownership, and to create some room for the person looking for a place to rest. The paradox of care is that poverty makes a good host. When our hands, heads, and hearts are filled with worries, concerns, and preoccupations, there can hardly be any place left for the stranger to feel at home.

                                                                                                               Henri Nouwen

God bless you always!

Fr. Fabius