My Journey to Uganda’ by Marissa, parishioner of St Kevin’s

To Fr. Martin, St. Kevin’s Parishioners, Family, Friends

The clothes, monies, and laptops which you very kindly donated and entrusted me with arrived safely in Uganda and given to Fr. Fabius.

As he opened the suitcases revealing the contents all he could say was WOW….WOW………..he was lost for words, and visibly moved. He couldn’t believe the tremendous generosity of people.

He thanks you all profoundly for your tremendous support and goodwill.

A special thank you to the lady who made 50 pairs of children’s underwear in the Australian green and gold colours; the kids loved them!

Also to the lady who made six children’s skirts in such good quality material and lovely colours; such skill and dedication is rare today.

When Fr. saw the laptops his look said it all:  the key to the future…

(In photo: Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, 92 yrs, close friend and mentor of Fr Fabius)

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