Like any organisation beginning with a family, it is vital for us to have a regular source of income to operate. We constantly need to look towards ways in which we can grow and move forward in serving and growing a community of faith. We need to respond positively to the challenges and changes in our Church and wider society, and to respect and acknowledge our heritage and traditions.

You may wish to support the Parish financially in different ways:

  • Planned Giving Donations – monthly credit card deductions or through weekly envelopes. Click here to download a Planned Giving Application form.
  • Credit Card Donations – through the SUPPORT US button on the parish website. For Biller Code, choose from:
    • Planned Giving / Envelopes (your Planned Giving Number is your Envelope Number)
    • 2nd Collection/General Donation
    • 1st Collection
  • Cash Donations – through parish collections at weekend Masses
  • Contactless Donation – to provide another way to support the parish financially, we have installed contactless donation devices in the Church foyer.  Simply tap your Visa, MasterCard or compatible device and $5 / $10 will be donated to our parish. This will be considered as a general donation. There is no tax deductibility, receipt or refund available on this donation.

Understanding Our Parish Collections

To our current Givers – your generosity in supporting the priests and good works of the Church is gratefully acknowledged.

First Collection – supports the needs of the Parish Priest and includes monthly salary, upkeep of the presbytery (food, utilities, cleaner), and a small percentage to care for elderly priests. Income from Easter & Christmas offerings, weddings, baptisms are also added to the first collection. Any surplus goes into a central fund to ensure that all priests in the Archdiocese receive sufficient funds to cover their living expenses.

Second Collection – combines income from planned giving envelopes and cash on plates as well as our monthly credit card contributors. Supports the maintenance of parish buildings, pastoral programs, parish running costs (administration, insurance, utilities, general maintenance and upkeep of the Church, presbytery and parish property), staff salaries and superannuation, priest car expenses and CWF shortfall. CWF or Charitable Works Fund is a centralised fund that supports the charitable and pastoral activities of the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Planned Giving – Each person’s capacity to give is different and you are not expected to give anything more than is reasonable.  From July 2019, 30% of our Planned Giving Donations are eligible for Tax Deductibility. If you would like to assist the Parish financially via weekly envelopes or monthly credit card deductions, please take a form from the Church foyer, or click here to download. For enquiries contact the parish office (02) 9874 2533.

At the end of 2022-2023 financial year, parishioners donating through the Planned Giving Program can request a tax receipt.