A Note of Appreciation from Fr Fabius

Dear Friends: Fr Martin & St. Kevin’s Parishioners, Eastwood Uniting Church Congregation, and other contributors.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to you all.

Using the words of Pope Francis: “…Charity should convey the warmth of an embrace of the Heavenly Father to people, especially the poor and marginalized.  The world needs more people who contribute selflessly for human progress …” It is imperative, therefore, to express our gratitude; precisely affirming the words of Cicero: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

Solely, through the sale proceeds of Fr. Martin’s book, ‘Cuppa Time Reflections’, sufficient funds were raised to complete the Pit Latrine Project at Pere Achte Primary School in Uganda.

Previously, approximately 650 students were sharing 3 toilets in the school, as others have collapsed due to long-term weathering.  Now, through your generosity, a new pit latrine (toilet) block has been constructed.  It is for this gesture that we are grateful for your continued help and support.  May you always be blessed!

Yours ever grateful,

Fr. Fabius K. Bainakanaama

Click HERE to view photos of the Pit Latrine Project at Pere Achte Primary School, Uganda.