Parish Census Form

• For new parishioners to be recorded in our Parish database.
• To add/change your details (address, email, phone number, family members).

Parish Directory

• For new parishioners who wish to know more about the different ministries and parish groups available.

Parish Volunteer Forms

Please complete these forms to join a parish ministry (Senior Server, Junior Server, Reader/Commentator, Extraordinary Minister of Communion etc).

For volunteers and contractors who will be engaged in a child-related role or are expected to have contact with children in the course of their activities in the parish, please complete and submit the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Code of Conduct below to the parish office.

Planned Giving Application

Please complete this form to:
• Join the Parish Planned Giving program and support the Parish financially.
• Change contribution method from envelopes to credit card.
• Update your credit card details.

Parish Priest Reference Form

For Catholic families who wish to enrol their child in Sydney Catholic Schools. As part of the enrolment process, families are encouraged to provide a Parish Priest Reference Form. The parish reference is very important in determining the priority given to families in the criteria for enrolment.