The Joy from your Sharing by Fr Fabius

Dear Fr Martin and parishioners,

Please, accept my greeting and appreciation that emanates from your care and joy to share with us.  As we read in Acts 20:35 – “there is more joy in giving than receiving”, I pray that you experience this joy more than us who benefited.

I am delighted, therefore, to inform you that your help you sent to feed lunch porridge to the children of Pere Achte Primary School brought about a very positive effect of realizing better performance of the National Primary Leaving Examination.  After so many years, we obtained 5 first grades while the majority came in good second grade, with very few in the third.  Thank you!

The establishment of the library and now the installation of the Television, supply of some scholastic materials, especially by Marissa, has brought about the increment in enrolment.  The headmaster and myself are struggling to sensitise the parents to provide school uniform (clothes) and make sure that they attend school.

For sure, God loves a cheerful give; and may he make you cheerful!  Be blessed.

Fr. Fabius K. Bainakanaama

Click here for photos from Pere Achte Primary School Library, Uganda