menALIVE Men’s Weekend

The menALIVE mens weekend is an opportunity for men to explore what makes them fully alive.

About this event

During the weekend, the menALIVE team will share about their lives, the challenges they face and the hope they have discovered in seeking to walk this journey with GOD.

Perhaps the most important thing the weekend offers is space for men to reflect and opportunities to share with one another about themselves and their lives.

A Note of Appreciation From Fr Fabius

19th May 2022

Dear Fr. Pawel Kopczynski CSMA, St. Kevin’s Parishioners, friends and other contributors.

It is good news once again, for the pupils, teachers and parents of Pere Achte Primary School in Uganda, that 4 classrooms have been renovated. The potholed floor, shabby walls and broken windows and doors are a history for the community.  All this has been realized from the generosity of the Christian community and friends of St. Kevin Parish, Eastwood, Sydney in Australia.

Easter Message from Fr Pawel

On behalf of the Michaelite Community in the Pacific Province and myself, I would like to wish everyone at St. Kevin’s Parish and all visitors, a happy and holy Easter and a joy-filled time with family and loved ones. Alleluia!

Easter Food Basket Blessing on Holy Saturday:

Blessing of the Food/Święconka

Blessing of the food for Easter breakfast is one of the most enduring Polish traditions. Baskets containing a sampling of Easter food: cold meat, boiled eggs, different kinds of bread/cake and other types of food that we would like to have on Easter.

Parishioners are welcome to bring their own basket of food.

The basket is traditionally lined with a white linen and decorated with evergreens. Poles or Polish people, take special pride in preparing and decorating their Easter basket. Looking at the beautiful food baskets prepared by parishioners brings a special joy to this event. The baskets are lined up on the table in front of the altar. The priest then says a special prayer to bless the baskets and sprinkles each basket with Holy Water.

We are excited to welcome everyone back into the church!

18 October 2021

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St Kevin’s,

As NSW reached its 80% double dose vaccination target earlier than expected, we are pleased to let you know that our church will officially reopen for weekend Masses on Saturday, 23rd October.

We are excited to welcome everyone back into the church! Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated, you are all welcome to attend and participate at Mass with the rest of the congregation. We do encourage everyone to get vaccinated as advised by NSW Health unless you have underlying health conditions or medical exemptions.

A Message from Fr Martin Maunsell

Dear St Kevin’s Eastwood Parishioners,

I hope everyone is keeping well despite the uncertainties.

2020 was a challenge for everyone yet we managed to get through. There is hope and we will get through this once again.

Sadly, churches around Greater Sydney are closed, but we must not forget that WE, as a parish community, is the CHURCH. As a family we can continue to practice our faith at home. We can stay connected with our faith in different ways.

2021 Dempsey Medal Award

This year, we would like to congratulate our Dempsey Medal recipient, Deirdre Macedo, for her years of dedicated service to our parish community. She has been volunteering in different ministries in our parish for many years including St Vincent De Paul, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Society, Catechism, Rosary and Prayer Groups.

A Note of Appreciation from Fr Fabius

Dear Friends: Fr Martin & St. Kevin’s Parishioners, Eastwood Uniting Church Congregation, and other contributors.

My sincere heartfelt thanks to you all.

Using the words of Pope Francis: “…Charity should convey the warmth of an embrace of the Heavenly Father to people, especially the poor and marginalized. The world needs more people who contribute selflessly for human progress …” It is imperative, therefore, to express our gratitude; precisely affirming the words of Cicero: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

Welcome back to all faithful parishioners of St Kevin’s Eastwood!

Since the NSW government has agreed to further ease the restrictions on churches and places of worship from 1st June 2020, allowing up to 50 attendees at a time, subject to distancing requirements, our faithful parishioners, have started their way back to some form of normality when it comes to practicing their faith.


30 May 2020

Dear Parishioners of St Kevin’s

Following the further relaxation of restrictions on public gatherings in NSW from 1st June 2020, churches and places of worship, subject to distancing requirements, may have up to 50 people inside, at a time, for private prayer, Confessions, Masses, Baptisms, Funerals, Eucharistic Adoration, etc.; Weddings will be permitted with 20 attendees.